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UX/UI   2 Months    THE HIVE    

Intergenerational communication can be challenging due to differences in values, communication styles, and preferences. My goal was to create a solution to improve family communication and strengthen relationships.

It's simple. Household members receive their own mailboxes to exchange compliment cards and keep a positive atmosphere.
Snail Mail  comes with sticker sheets so members can personalize their mailboxes!
sticker sheet.png
No one likes boring instruction manuals, so Snail Mail has a fun interactive booklet with quick tips and tricks.
Medium Octavo Open Hardcover Book Mockup (6x9 in).png

Visual Language

A retro color scheme was chosen to evoke a sense of nostalgia in parents. The shades of blue, pink, and yellow are playful colors that create an atmosphere of joy and happiness. Providing several color choices for the mailboxes avoids exclusivity and makes the game inclusive for all family members.


Design Process



Learning more about the target users for this project was vital in understanding their unmet needs. Through interviewing both teens and parents, I was able to identify common goals and common frustrations. Designing for multiple types of users is difficult because you have to consider various and sometimes conflicting perspectives in the project. 

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