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UX/UI  3 Months   AltGrowth   

As a member of AltGrowth's Development Team, I was tasked with improving the user experience of their newly launched FireTexts app. FireTexts is an AI-powered app that allows users to get personalized texts for any occasion. 

Task 1: Redesign the Onboarding Process

The original onboarding process, shown on the right, lacks unifomity and engagement.

The buttons are teeny, the images are different styles, and the contrast between the logo and image backgrounds makes it look like a PowerPoint. 

So here's what I did:


First, I drew a new illustration for each slide, with a more diverse cast and a color scheme that complemented the FireTexts logo. 


Then I created 3D buttons! Not only are they super fun to use, but they are more accessible than the small black buttons in the original design. 

Putting it all together, adding transitions and a friendlier font, and we have our new onboarding experience!

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 8.11.45 PM.png

Task 2: Redesign Main Experience


The original design, shown above, leads the user through several steps to craft their text.

It functions well, but is it optimal? Delightful? Not really. 

1. Add joy.


I created illustrations to give FireTexts a more personable feel. The premise of the app is relationship building, after all. This also helped establish the brand's look. 


2. Decrease the workload.

In the original design, it takes the user 8+ steps to craft each of their texts. Personally, I'd rather write my own text than press all of those buttons. To minimize user effort, I got rid of the continue button and instead had the page change automatically when users tapped their selection. And for the buttons you do have to press, they're 3D!

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 10.17.03 PM.png

3. Streamline.


Animating the images and adding smooth transitions boosts the user experience and gives the app a more professional feel. 

Screenshot 2023-09-20 at 10.32.20 PM.png

Task 3: Conduct a Competitive Analysis

For this task, I downloaded the top 5 AI-powered text apps on the Apple store today. The goal was to gain insight into their product features and marketing tactics to inform future FireTexts iterations.

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 11.09.28 AM.png

Type AI 

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 11.14.07 AM.png

AI Chatbot

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 11.17.34 AM.png


Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 11.22.45 AM.png


Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 11.32.48 AM.png


I analyzed each app, taking notes on the onboarding processes, novel features, and differences to FireTexts. 

Frame 1.png

Finally, I summarized the key findings of the analysis, identifying the common strengths and weaknesses in the competitor apps. After presenting to the team, we came up with many exiciting for the future of FireTexts. 

Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 9.20.02 PM.png
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